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An introduction to
The Corringie Settlement Aborigines
living in a remote area in WA


There has been another death in the extended Isaacs Family.
YALURITJA CLARRIE ISAACS, Vic's cousin and subsequent Nyungah elder and
Custodian of the Busselton and Margaret River area died 26 Nov 2003.

                          Joan & Vic Isaacs
                   The Founders of Wilja Hostel
                        Corringie Settlement.

                                      Dean &Vanessa (2ndIC)


                   Corringie Settlement Website
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                  Aboriginal Elder
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The Corringie Settlement Website is a 'work in progress' site it is not finished yet and is being updated all the time, when I have the time.

No part of this site may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the written consent of Vic Isaacs or my 2ndIC, Vanessa Isaacs, as the usual copyright laws apply.

To whoever reads the stories in this Website, I hope you gain some knowledge and understanding of the every day problems faced by my people as they go about  trying to survive in this Dominant Society.

Everything written in this website is my opinion, these are my views alone.
If anything in this website offends or effects anyone, tough luck!
This is my site and it stays the way I have written it.
The trouble with some people (white and black) is that they can't stand cold hard facts ("Wake up the truth must be told").

I hope you enjoy the following stories from Corringie.

Peace go with you. 

  • Dome drama in the desert,          Housing problems in a remote area.

  • Cyril Bodney,    Former West Australian Light weight boxing champion.

  • Pte Isaacs,         Vic Isaacs tells his story about his tour of duty in the Korean conflict,back in the early 1950s, And my first Anzac Day march since returning to Australian shores.

  • Vic Isaacs,        Tells about the early days in Gwalia,Leonora,Darlot and his family.

  • Post Script,       Building problems.

  • Darlot Elders,   This story is about my people who lived and worked on stations in the north eastern goldfields.

  • Stoneage,         The everyday struggle to survive in and under the watchful eye of this Dominant Society, in the year 1999

  • Anzac Day,       This is my first Anzac Day march in Perth Western Australia 1999

  • The Wreck of the Georgette

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